About CPA

Centre for Promoting Accountability (CPA) is an organization seeking to promote accountability and sustainability amongst organizations in the non-profit and CSR sector. CPA came into existence in the year 2007. It is promoted by Financial Management Service Foundation (FMSF) and is a part of FMSF family. It assists civil society organizations to achieve development effectiveness by promoting transparency and accountability. This is achieved through an integrated process of accompaniment; systems development in financial management and governance; training and capacity building; research and publication; and reviews and evaluations. CPA firmly believes on the values of accountability, transparency and good governance. CPA has a presence of seven years in the development sector as a support organization and has contributed much in the field of financial management, governance and legal issues. Till date it has completed more than 100 assignments related to financial reviews, evaluations, investigations, accompaniment, prefunding assessment, workshops and trainings. Prefunding/ due diligence has also been conducted for organizations such as Geneva Global, Kusuma Trust, to name a few. Further, CPA has also been continuously assisting the voluntary organizations through it query response section where expert advice and suggestions are sought by individuals in the form of emails. This particular assistance is currently being provided free of cost. Thus, CPA has served more than 50 clienteles.

To know about CPA log on to www.cpaservices.in